Tuesday, May 1, 2012

We're all cousins part 2

I'm happy to announce that the nearest common ancestors between myself and my wife has moved up some 500 years! I've now been able to trace both of our family trees back to Mayflower passengers Richard Warren and Elizabeth Walker.

This couple was impressive... in terms of descendants, that is. They had seven children, all of whom survived the challenging early years of the Plymouth colony, lived to adulthood, married and had children of their own. In a very real sense, Richard Warren and Elizabeth Walker are the "father and mother of our country".

Here's how the trees trace down to us:

Richard Warren/Elizabeth Walker => Nathaniel Warren => Alice Warren => Abigail Gibbs => Silas Swift => Abigail Swift => Peter Thacher => Thomas A Thacher => William L Thacher => Edith Thacher => Francis S Dane III => Kyle Dane

Richard Warren/Elizabeth Walker => Anna Warren => Patience Little => Thomas Jones => Jonathan Jones => Elizabeth Jones => Jonathan Pond => Elbridge G Pond => William H Pond => Hazel Irene Pond => Carol Robertson => Raquel Montoya

Only 11 generations! Isn't that something?