Thursday, March 6, 2014

Warren connection to Global Family Reunion Tree

I have Erin Breen-120 to thank for this thread because it got me started:

So I took those names I found on that thread and started some hopeful research to see if I could find any interesting connections.  Sure enough I found one:  Nellie Crowley Kuntz (  As I dug, I found a book that discussed her father William Crowley's life and his Humphrey background:

If this book is accurate, it connects William Crowley with the Humphrey and Munro families of Rhode Island, and one Nathan Munro (  So far, the book's timelines and stories match up nicely with the records I've been able to find, so I have gone ahead and built the profiles to connect William Crowley to Nathan Munro.  If you follow the tree back, you'll find that Nathan is a known descendant of Richard Warren and Elizabeth Walker of the Mayflower. 

And for me, that means both my wife and I are connected on WikiTree to the Global Family Reunion Tree through this Warren connection.  Does that help any of you connect? 

Here's my connection:  Me > my father Francis S Dane III > his mother Edith Thacher > her father William L Thacher > his father Thomas Thacher > his mother Abigail Swift > her father Silas Swift > his mother Abigail Gibbs > her mother Alice Warren > her father Nathaniel Warren > his father/mother Richard Warren/Elizabeth Walker > his daughter Elizabeth Warren > her son Benjamin Church > his daughter Elizabeth Church > her daughter Hannah Rosbotham > her son Nathan Munro > his daughter Lydia Munro > her son Squire Humphrey > his daughter Sarah Humphrey > her son William Crowley > his daughter, Nellie Crowley Kuntz -> her husband, Edward Kuntz -> his sister, Emma Kuntz Ferrell -> her daughter, Georgia Ferrell Hirsch Takacs -> her husband, Irwin Hirsch -> his mother, Harriet Friedenheit Hirsch -> her sister, Sophie Friedenheit Kingsbacher (AJ's 2nd great grandmother).