Wednesday, September 26, 2007

A little more progress

Haven't heard back from the guy with the Dane stuff yet.

Found out some additional information about the following family names on my tree: Sargent (turns out the painter Thomas Sargent was the brother of my ancestor), Goodwin (quite a bit of information here, actually), Waite (which I had as Waight), Jameson, Wendell.

The Wendell one was cool, because it appears that the same source material was used by Annie Edmands when she put together the written family tree book that I have. She clearly used information that is directly out of the diary of Reverend Thomas Smith (who is also a direct ancestor). But she missed or ignored the Wendell information. Elizabeth Wendell married Peter Thacher Smith, Thomas Smith's son. The Wendell information goes back four generations from Elizabeth's father to Evart Jansen Wendell who came from East Friesland to Albany, NY in about 1645.

By the way, have I mentioned that I LOVE Google Books! I am getting so much great stuff from these old Genealogy and History texts that they have scanned. Keep it up, Google. Coincidentally, my wife's cousin Maria is an employee at Google and has been doing some of the scanning.

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