Monday, March 22, 2010

Pedigree of Elbridge Gerry Pond

So, every once in a while I start using the hints on and I started looking at one Elbridge Gerry Pond last night. EGP is Raquel's great-great-grandfather. I knew I'd have a good shot with this portion of the family because they were in Massachusetts and Connecticut in the 1800's, an area with lots of coverage on the genealogy sites. This happens to be where large chunks of my family were as well. So naturally I've been looking for crossovers between our trees. Haven't found one yet, but I thought I'd pass this along - this is several generations back on the Pond and related families lines.

Pedigree of Elbridge Gerry Pond

I hope you can see this, it's a scan of a printout from and there's more to it than this. The Ponds and some of the other families go back much further, but I'm still working on them.

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willpond said...

My name is Will Pond,I am interested in the info you have about E.G.Pond,The name Elbridge Gerry has been used in my family for generations,my father,grand-father,great-grandfather,great-great-granfather,etc...I have alot of documented history from my grandmother about the move west,please feel free to contact me at