Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Poem from 1878

I found among the papers of my grandfather Duke Dane, this little Christmas poem. It was clearly written for John Farwell Anderson, who was Duke's great grandfather, my great-great-great grandfather. My guess is that his mother, Anne Jameson (Anderson) is the writer since she died in 1879, while his father died in 1853. On the opposite side of the poem, but in a different handwriting it says "From Martie". John's wife's name was Marcia, so this could be her.

John F. Anderson Child of ours
We come to greet thee these Christmas hours

We bless & watch over thee noble son
Finish the good work you've begun

Let no fooling jeers of child, or wife,
No matter how much of family strife,

Stop you from searching, or let your pen rust
In reading and writing of us who are dust

And if in your searches my son you should find
Some Grandmarm a monkey, oh never you mind

Dec 25th 1878

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