Monday, March 25, 2013

Mystery Monday - Mystery Photos

Mystery History, Thacher Family Photo

For mystery Monday, I figured I might as well point to a board I've created on Pinterest called "Mystery History". This board houses a small number of photos that I have in my extensive collection which are unidentified and intriguing. Of course I have tons of photos that have unidentified people, but these are the most promising, best preserved and frankly the best looking of them all.

So here's the board:

The photo above is a great example. It is dated 1912 and I found it among the belongings of my grandmother Edith Thacher (Dane). I am pretty confident that it is a Thacher family photo. But there are some details that make me doubt it. For example, the man at the top left looks like my great grandfather William L Thacher, but he looks far too young. Certainly he looks much younger than he does in pictures shortly after my grandmother was born the next year. The other family members looks somewhat like William's brother Sherman Thacher and his family. But Sherman normally wore glasses, and in this shot the man at top right isn't wearing them. I could go on.

I've already had some success with this approach, which is described here in a post about a portrait that was identified when a family member found the photo on

Anyway, I'd love to know if anyone can identify these folks, or anyone else in the photos I've got posted to Pinterest.

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