Thursday, April 4, 2013

Family Tree Bloggers Board on Pinterest open to all Genealogy Bloggers

Family Tree Bloggers Pinterest Board open to all genealogy bloggersI have set up a board on Pinterest for all Family Tree and Genealogy bloggers to post links to their genealogy blogs, posts, resources, photos, etc. The board is a community bulletin board for all like-minded genealogists to share and comment and help each other with our passion for family history.  Follow this link to the Family Tree Bloggers Board or click on the board in the embedded Pinterest gadget below and you will see the board.

If you would like an invite to post to the Family Tree Bloggers Board, please follow the board, or comment on this blog post or repin or comment on any of my pins to the board and I will invite you to join the board.

I also have a companion Google Plus community called Family Tree Bloggers. Let me know if you'd like an invite. As of right now, it's not very busy at all, but hoping to gain some active members to build it up.


dianee said...

Hi Kyle,
Enjoying your content rich sites! Please add me to your Pinterest board.

Kyle said...

Sent you an invite, Diane. Thx for your comment!

Liv Taylor-Harris said...

Kane, thank you for the invite to join the Family Tree Bloggers at Pinterest. I truly appreciate you!

Jo FullCircle said...

Hi Kyle

Please add me to your pinterest board.
My pinterest id is Jo FullCIrcle


Anonymous said...

Hi Kyle,

I'd love to be added to your Pinterest board. It's full of such great information and it would be great to be able to contribute.

My Pinterest handle is

Thanks so much!

Margot Note said...


May I join your Pinterest board? I'm pinning on similar subjects here:

Christa said...

I would like to be added to the Family Tree Pinterest board, please. My Pinterest profile is