Saturday, May 25, 2013

Family Tree Bloggers Google Plus Community

Family Tree Bloggers Google Plus Community
I have just set up a community on Google Plus that is designed to give family tree bloggers and genealogists a space to post and share their own images and links to blog posts.  It is a companion to my Pinterest Board of the same name.

I love connecting with other genealogists and bloggers and I've found that a great way to do that is to provide a forum for others (and myself, of course) to share their work.  My plan is to run the community similarly to a blogging group I have been part for the last couple of years ago that was not genealogy-related called Great Blogging Experience 2 (GBE2 for short).  On a weekly basis, the moderator of that group would post a prompt and ask everyone to post links to their blog posts on the prompt within a "thread" on the group based on the prompt.  Group members are also encouraged to post separately within the community on topics that do not fit the prompt.  Like that other group, comments are strongly encouraged.  I also hope that we'll find that some of us are researching the same family lines and are able to locate collaborators through forums like this one. 

My idea at this point is that these posts can be any genealogy-related link, whether it is a blog post or not.  But I also am going to moderate the group and the Pinterest board for the time being to ensure we don't end up with tons of stuff that other members won't want to read or see. 


The Path Traveled said...

Like your blog. Hope you will come join mine, especially my genealogy blog. Started following you on pinterest and love your boards.

Dsox said...

Kyle, Please contact me via email at (I am not into blogging, etc.) to trade information about your ancestor Anne Williams (1755-1783), wife of Sam Hichborn (1752-1808). Anne was the older sister of my GGG Grandfather Robert Williams (1753-1834). I want to provide you with her ancestry, and clarify some of your ancestry bacl to Anne, to put into my Family Tree Maker file. There are many Robt Williams of Boston descendants in Northern California.

David Griffiths Sox
Fairfield, CA