Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Global Family Reunion Connection to Immigrant Ancestor John Dane

Are y'all prepared for some serious family-tree related gloating? Well, I hope so because I've found a direct connection between James Spader and the colonial immigrant ancestor/progenitor of the Dane Family in America, John Dane. Turns out that James' Forster/Foster forebears, from his great grandmother Elizabeth Thompson Forster (Bowditch) are descended from Reginald Foster and Elizabeth Dane, John Dane's daughter. I am a direct male line descendant of his son John Jr. In terms of the global family reunion the effect of this is not huge - John Dane was already at 18 steps and he will be at 16 steps after the system updates tonight. My own personal connection will remain the same because my Higginson connection is still closer. But I'm sure you'll understand the significance for me personally of making this connection through my surname. Who knew a few days ago that this is where my research was heading? Of course, giving credit where it's due, I have to mention Frederick Clifton Pierce's book "Foster Genealogy" upon which this line relies. I verified all of his work against whatever sources I could, but there are a couple of points where his work is the only link.

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