Saturday, September 22, 2007

Dane and Cushing updates

I don't think the Cushing information that I found will be news to those families, since it is all over the internet. But it was new to me, which makes it cool. I found a genealogy that was apparently produced in the 1600's tracing one of the early American immigrants, Matthew Cushing (who is a direct ancestor of mine) back to a Galfridus Cusyn, and through him back through a family referred to as the de Limisi's and back through the Norman times to a Scandinavian leader called Hrolf Nefja. It's pretty cool stuff, though I found little else about these folks in poking around the rest of the internet. Anyway, I've added it to my family tree file.

The other cool info was a set of research done by someone on the Dane line that goes back several generations into England. Based on the detail of the research, I am pretty sure it's based on parish records and primary sources in England. I found it at the World Connect project on Rootsweb under a family tree titled "Lost and Found" by user davilia1. I've emailed him to find out where he got his information from.
It lays out the Dane line going back from John Dane the early American colonist as follows:

1. John Dane (b. 1614 Andover, Berkhampstead, ENG, d. 9/26/1683 in Ipswich, MA)

2. John Dane (b. Berkhampstead, d. 9/14/1658 in Roxbury, MA)
3. Fransisca Lone or Bowyer b. 1580 d. 1636-43 in Colchester, ENG

4. William Dane (b. 1538 in Bayford by Little Berkhampstead, Herts, ENG)
5. Alicia Penifather
(These two have 11 children listed)

8. Richard Dane (b. 1510)
(He has six children listed)

16. John Dane (b. 1480)
17. Alice Peppercorn
(Also listed is a William Dane b. 1517)

This was all new information to me and unique on all the free internet family tree boards. Anyway, I'll post again when I hear back from the guy.

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