Friday, September 21, 2007

The purpose of this blog

Every few years, I pick up my genealogy research projects and try to do some work. I figured this time, I would keep a diary of sorts of the project that I hope will be useful to my family and other family history researchers.

The families I have done the most research on are: (from New England): Dane, Edmands, Thacher, Sherman, Cushing, Smith, (from the Midwest): Conrad, Murray, (from the Virginias): Sutton, Ashworth, Henry. My wife's families include Montoya and Rojas (Mexico), Robertson, Pond (New England), and MacDonald (Nova Scotia). Of course, I have many other branches that I work on intermittently, mostly gathering information from research I find on the internet, and there's a lot to be found.

If you don't know, I wrote a short book on my family histories, which is available through my website:, but it's no best-seller. In fact I've never sold a copy, I've only given them away to my immediate family. But I wouldn't mind, so let me know if you want one.

I'll enjoy posting this for all to read, and I hope to hear back from anyone who finds the information useful or entertaining.


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